The Summer Rose and Floral Show was held on Saturday, June 19th at the Golden Acre Community Centre, Ross Close. As always, the quality of the exhibits was excellent and entry numbers were about double those of last year. Visitor numbers were also up and there were times when it became quite crowded.

As the name of the show suggests, roses are the focus of the show and they were certainly much in evidence. The best rose in the show was exhibited by Ian Thornton with an unusual yellow and orange striped bloom. The sweet peas and other summer flowers also added to the colour and the fragrance of the exhibits, whilst displays of foliage, pot plants and flowering shrubs added a touch of green. A new class of hosta leaves was very well supported and in the cactus and succulent class, there was a very striking orange flowering exhibit grown by Robin Crouchman. Although the fruit and vegetables really come into their own at the Autumn Show, it was lovely to see the crop of early strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries.

The winning entry for the floral arrangement entitled “A Sport” was won by Kath Bartram for her arrangement illustrating sailing. The other two exhibits showed diving and football. The ‘flower arrangement in a jam jar, judged by the public’ was won by Yvonne Bishop.

The domestic section presented a mouth-watering selection of baking, with particular emphasis on the coffee and walnut cakes. As always, there were also jam, lemon curd and homemade wines classes. The craft and photography sections also demonstrated the varied talents of our members.

The children's exhibits showed a lot of imagination, particularly the class in which vegetables were used to make a witch's face.

The Town Mayor, Bob Eastham together with the Mayoress Sarah Grimshaw attended to present the prizes. The Chairman, Doreen Townley expressed her thanks to the Town Mayor and to the hard-working Show Secretaries, Yvonne Bishop and Kate Chambers. Thanks too were given to the judges, to show stewards and to all committee members, all of whom had helped to make the show a success. Joan Shadwell and Christina Stratton were also thanked for providing some very welcome refreshments.

During the course of the show, about £125 was raised in aid of society funds. This was made up of profit on refreshments, sales of plants donated by members and a raffle. For the raffle we are grateful to Waitrose for their donation of a “box of goodies” which was the first prize. A surprise second prize was donated by Hamish Davidson who gave his box of vegetables for which he had already won first in the class and a trophy.
Collette Biggs
Publicity Secretary


Veerman Rose Bowl – Most points in Rose Classes 1-10
Winner:  David Livermore
Runner-up: Doreen Townley

R.A. Butler Cup – Most points in Floral Classes 11-26
Winner:  Ken Peck
Runner-up: Robin Crouchman

Denning Bowl – Most points in the Fruit & Vegetable Section Classes 28-35
Winner:  Christine Marshall
Runner-up: Hamish Davidson

Walden Trophy – Most points in Domestic Section Classes 36-50
Winner:  Annie Erdman
Runner-up: Jennie Davidson

Scrivener Cup – Most points in Junior Section Classes 51-55
Winner:  Becky Leeman
Runner-up: Susie Beare

Saffron Walden Horticultural Society Cup – Best Bloom in Rose Classes 1-10
Winner:  Ian Thornton

Russell Green Cup – Awarded for Class 35
Winner:  Hamish Davidson

Caroline Dowling Award – Best exhibit in Junior Classes
Winner:  Susie Beare


1. 1 Bloom, large flowered H.T. Rose, any colour
Winner: Ian Thornton

2. 1 Bloom, large flowered H.T. Rose, red or pink
Winner: Eric Hammond

3. 1 Bloom, large flowered H.T. Rose, white or yellow
Winner: Doreen Townley

4. 3 Blooms, large flowered H.T. Roses, one or more varieties
Winner: Doreen Townley

5. 1 stem, Cluster flowered Rose
Winner: David Livermore

6. 3 stems, Cluster flowered Roses, one or more varieties
Winner: Kath Bartram

7. 3 stems Miniature Roses
Winner: Robin Crouchman

8. 3 stems Rambler and/or Climbing Roses
Winner: Jill Macloughlin

9. 3 stems Old Fashioned Type Roses – one or more varieties
Winner: Janet Bullen

10. Container of Roses (maximum 7 blooms)
Winner: David Livermore

11. 1 spike Delphinium
Winner: Sue Staniforth

12. A container of Sweet Peas (9 stems)
Winner: Ken Peck

13. 3 containers of Sweet Peas, 3 distinct varieties, 4 stems of each
Winner: Ken Peck

14. A container of Flowers (own foliage permitted)
Winner: Ruth Coe

15. Display of Foliage in a container
Winner: Yvonne Bishop

16. Pansies or Violas – 6 blooms
Winner: Christine Marshall

17. Pinks or Carnations – 5 stems
Winner: Storm Bowden

18. Flowering Trees or Shrubs – 3 stems
Winner: John Bullen

19. Two Hosta Leaves
Winner: Ken Peck

20. One Pot Plant for foliage
Winner: Jean Petchey

21. Three Clematis Blooms
Winner: Yvonne Bishop

22. One Pot Plant in flower
Winner: Robin Crouchman

23. A container of plants as grown
Winner: Robin Crouchman

24. One cactus or succulent in a container as grown
Winner: Robin Crouchman

25. Bonsai – must have been in exhibitor’s possession for three months
Winner: Ken Peck

26. Floral Arrangement: “A Sport” – An exhibit using plant material
Winner: Kath Bartram

27. Flower arrangement in a jam jar – to be judged by the public
Winner: Yvonne Bishop


28. Gooseberries – 12
Winner: Christine Marshall

29. Strawberries – 9 with stalks
Winner: Christine Marshall

30. Rhubarb – 3 sticks
Winner: John Bartram

32. Collection of Herbs – 4 varieties in separate containers
Winner: Hamish Davidson

33. Broad Beans ­ 6
Winner: Christine Marshall

34. Spring Onions – 6
Winner: Hamish Davidson

35. Collection of Vegetables (including salads) – 4 different kinds in a tray maximum 61 cm by 61 cm
Winner: Hamish Davidson


36. All-in-One Coffee & Walnut Cake (made according to given recipe)
Winner: Annie Erdman

37. Chocolate Brownies – 4
Winner: Jennie Davidson

38. Tea Bread – 1 loaf
Winner: Kate Chambers

39. Cheese  Scones – 4
Winner: Kate Chambers

40. Jam – 1 jar
Winner: Annie Erdman

41. Lemon Curd – 1 jar
Winner: Jennie Davidson

43. A bottle of home made wine – other than red
Winner: John Bullen

44. A set of three snapshots “Trees”
Winner: Stuart Marshall

45. A framed photograph of a horticultural subject
Winner: Stuart Marshall

46. A picture – any medium, space allowed 45 cm maximum
Winner: Yvonne Bishop

47. A knitted or crocheted article
Winner: Annie Erdman

48. A hand crafted article – hard material (e.g. wood, metal, glass, etc.)
Winner: Vic Mortlock

49. A hand crafted article – any other material
Winner:  Annie Erdman


51. A container of 3 Roses – one or more varieties
Winner: Becky Leemam

52. A display of Garden Flowers in a vase or jar
Winner: Susie Beare

53. Plant(s) growing in a pot, maximum 15 cm
Winner: Susie Beare

54. A Witch’s Face made from Vegetables
Winner: Becky Leeman

55 Collage: Pets – maximum A4 size
Winner: Jemima Wightman