The Summer Rose and Floral Show was held on Saturday 15th June in the Golden Acre Community Centre, Ross Close. The scent of roses and a burst of colour on the display tables greeted visitors as they entered. There were many flowers, shrubs, and pot plants including cacti and orchids.

There were 2 entries in the floral arrangement class 'Outer Space'. The winner was Mrs Helen O'Neill's arrangement of long white wisteria blooms 'Milky Way', and Mrs Ruth Coe included 7 alliums to represent the planets, and gypsophila for the stars in her arrangement.

The rose judged 'Best in Show' was 'Compassion' also entered by Ruth Coe, who was awarded the Veerman Rose Bowl and SWHS Cup. The three large flowered HT rose classes were each won by Eric Hammond.

Ken Peck was awarded the RA Butler Cup for most points in the Floral Classes; Hamish Davidson had most points in the fruit and vegetable classes, and won the Denning Bowl, and also the Russell Green Cup for his tray of vegetables.

Mrs Sarah Stott gained most points in the Domestic Section and was awarded the Walden Trophy. Mrs Kate Chambers took 1st prize for her quiche, and for her  ginger biscuits. Mrs Valerie Vidler was awarded 1st prize for her cheesecake and her pot of jam.

A set of 3 snapshots 'Sculpture' won first prize for John Bullen, also the best framed photograph of a horticultural subject, and a seaside picture. Mrs Storm Bowden's cross stitch sampler won her first prize.

There were more entries in the Junior Section this time, and it was very good to see the participation of the Katherine Semar Junior School. 15 children aged 6-9 decorated flower pots with attractive leaf designs. Lucy Amber Henderson gained most points in the Junior Classes and was awarded the Scrivener Cup. Daniel Leeman's pot of growing plants took 1st prize, and Danielle Kidd's photograph 'Happiness' was a winner.

Group entries from schools were able to enter class 54 'An Exhibit in the Spirit of a Horticultural Show', and the winner of the Challenge Cup was Katherine Semar Junior School ECO/Gardening Club. They decorated the pots themselves with a variety of designs, and displayed several with plants they had grown themselves. Photographs of children in the Club completed their fine display.

The town Mayor, Cllr Keith Eden, and Cllr Sandra Eden, deputy mayor presented the awards. He praised the standard of the exhibits. The Chairman Doreen Townley thanked all who had helped prepare and present the show. The Society is grateful to Ridgeons, Waitrose and Tesco for their donations of raffle prizes for all three shows of this year.

Trophy Winners

Veerman Rose Bowl – Most points in Rose Classes 1-10
Winner: Ruth Coe (12 points)
Runner-up: Eric Hammond (9 points)

R.A. Butler Cup – Most points in Floral Classes 11-26
Winner: Ken Peck (16 points)
Runner-up: Yvonne Bishop (11 points)

Denning Bowl – Most points in the Fruit & Vegetable Section Classes 27-34
Winner: Hamish Davidson (13 points)
Runner-up: Peter Cranfield (7 points)

Walden Trophy – Most points in Domestic Section Classes 35-47
Winner: Sarah Stott (18 points)
Runner-up: Kate Chambers (10 points)

Scrivener Cup – Most points in Junior Section Classes 48-53
Winner: Lucy Amber Henderson (14 points)
Runner-up: Danielle Kidd (10 points)

Saffron Walden Horticultural Society Cup – Best Bloom in Rose Classes 1-10
Winner: Ruth Coe "Compassion"

Russell Green Cup – Awarded for Class 34
Winner: Hamish Davidson

Caroline Dowling Award – Best exhibit in Junior Classes
Winner: Lucy Amber Henderson Decorated Flower Pot

Group Entry Schools Challenge Cup – Winner of Class 54
Winner: Katherine Semar School ECO Club

Class Winners


1.   1 Bloom, large flowered H.T. Rose, any colour
Winner: Eric Hammond

2.   1 Bloom, large flowered H.T. Rose, red or pink
Winner: eric Hammond

4.   3 Blooms, large flowered H.T. Roses, one or more varieties
Winner: Ruth Coe

5.   1 stem, Cluster flowered Rose
Winner: Ruth Coe

6.   3 stems, Cluster flowered Roses, one or more varieties
Winner: Ruth Coe

7.   3 stems Miniature Roses
Winner: Helen O'Neill

8.   3 stems Rambler and/or Climbing Roses
Winner: Doreen Townley

9.   3 stems Old Fashioned Type Roses /Shrub Roses – one or more varieties
Winner: John Bullen

10. Container of Roses (maximum 7 blooms)
Winner: Ruth Coe

12. A container of Sweet Peas (9 stems)
Winner: Ken Peck

14. A container of Flowers (own foliage permitted)
Winner: Helen O'Neill

15. Display of Foliage in a container
Winner: Yvonne Bishop

16. Pansies or Violas – 6 blooms
Winner: Ruth Coe

17. Pinks or Carnations – 5 stems
Winner: Hamish Davidson

18. Flowering Trees or Shrubs – 3 stems
Winner: Yvonne Bishop

19. Two Hosta Leaves in a Vase
Winner: Janet Bullen

20. Three Clematis Blooms
Winner: David Livermore

21. One Pot Plant for foliage
Winner: Angela Jones

22. One Pot Plant in flower (Excluding Orchids)
Winner: Robin Crouchman

23. One Orchid Plant in bloom
Winner: Yvonne Bishop

24. A container of plants as grown
Winner: Paul Vidler

25. One cactus or succulent in a container as grown
Winner: Doreen Townley

26. Floral Arrangement "Outer Space" (foliage and accessories allowed)
Winner: Helen O'Neill


27. Gooseberries – 12
Winner: John MacLoughlin

28. Strawberries – 9 with stalks
Winner: Hamish Davidson

29. Rhubarb – 3 sticks
Winner: Anne Dawson

31. Collection of Herbs – 4 varieties in separate containers
Winner: Peter Cranfield

34. Collection of Vegetables (including salads) – 4 different kinds in a tray maximum 61 cm by 61 cm (see regulation 12 & additional regulations)
Winner: Hamish Davidson


35. Cranberry & Cherry Cake (made according to given recipe)
Winner: Sarah Stott

36. Cheesecake - 1
Winner: Valerie Vidler

37. Quiche - 1
Winner: Kate Chambers

38. Ginger Biscuits – 4
Winner: Kate Chambers

39. Jam – 1 jar
Winner: Valerie Vidler

40. Lemon Curd – 1 jar
Winner: Jenny Davidson

42. A set of three snapshots "Sculpture"
Winner: John Bullen

43. A framed photograph of a horticultural
Winner: John Bullen

44. A picture – any medium, space allowed 45 cm maximum
Winner: John Bullen

45. A hand crafted article – hard material (e.g. wood, metal, glass, etc.)
Winner: Sarah Stott

46. A hand crafted article – any other material (e.g. knitwear, crochet, lace, etc.)
Winner: Sarah Stott

47. Embroidered article, tapestry, cross-stitch or patchwork
Winner: Storm Bowden


48. A container of 3 Roses – one or more varieties
Winner: Lucy Amber Henderson

49. A display of Garden Flowers in a vase or jar
Winner: Lucy Amber Henderson

50. Plant(s) growing in a pot, maximum 15 cm
Winner: Daniel Leeman

51. Photograph – "Happiness" max. A4
Winner: Danielle Kidd

52  A Decorated Flowerpot
Winner: Lucy Amber Henderson

53. A drawing of a Pet max. A4.
Winner: Lucy Amber Henderson

54. An exhibit in the spirit of a Horticulture Show – group entries from Schools
Winner: Katherine Semar School ECO Club



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