Award Winners

Veerman Rose Bowl – Most points in Rose Classes 1-11
Winner: Richard Marriott (20 points)
Runner Up: David Livermore (14 points)

R.A. Butler Cup – Most points in Floral Classes 12 -27
Winner: Yvonne Bishop (26 points)
Runner Up: Ruth Coe (21 points)

Denning Bowl – Most points in the Fruit & Vegetable Section Classes 28-35
Winner: Hamish Davidson (19 points)
Runner Up: Richard Marriot (11 points)

Walden Trophy – Most points in Domestic Section Classes 36-47
Winner: Vera Wilson (15 points)
Runner Up: Yvonne Bishop (6 points)

Rickett Shield – Best Exhibit in Domestic Classes 36 – 47
Winner: Kate Chambers for the Cherry Cake

Scrivener Cup – Most points in Junior Section Classes 48 - 52
Winner: Fayth Bowler (9 points)
Runner-Up: Carys Williams

Safron Walden Horticultural Society Cup – Best Bloom in Rose Classes 1-11
Winner: Kate Chambers  Rose name - Unknown thought to be "National Trust"

Russell Green Cup – Awarded for Class 35 – Collection of Vegetables
Winner: Hamish Davidson

Caroline Dowling Award – Best exhibit in Junior Classes
Winner: Carys Williams

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